When World Wizards Meet

Blue Bubble

I’ve been playing around with a concept that has probably been done before, and although it is very rough and not edited to perfection, I thought I would post here in case I want to submit it, I can remove it later if I get lucky. I would like some feed back from anyone, especially my editor friends. I have conversation in this micro flash fiction with no quotation marks, but rather am using different fonts and styles to denote separate speakers. At a word count of 453 words I am under a 500 count for a contest, so there may be a possibility, if the story flies. I don’t think this method could work for longer pieces or a lot of dialog. Comments are welcome. (In the original doc. I used Times New Roman Italics for one speaker and Monotype Corsiva italics Bold for the second speaker. For this post I will use Italics and Bold only as that is my only option.)

The two old wizards met, on a mid spring’s afternoon, before the sands of time had obscured their footprints forever. They were old spirits, near their end time, and yet there seemed urgency in their chance meeting. They stumbled upon each other’s path amid the wired synapses of an ether world, a world of nets that were not meant to catch fish, or were they? Had they met before, on another plane? Perhaps the familiarity was nothing more than the sense of being common kindred spirits, now numbering so many in this crowded world within worlds.
There were the usual suspicions, at first. Eventually, they would learn to trust, even though both had been hurt deeply in the past. They talked in earnest, each offering the other the healing, and they discovered the common goal they shared.
Throughout the ages, before time began, there had been wizards. It was the wizards who figured out the planets. Who would have thought to align the planets, so their magnetic forces would keep multiplying, creating orbits, and even some stability to the cosmos? The wizards thought of that and a lot more. It was the wizards who thought it would be fun to create time in the form of a blue bubble, way over in the corner, out of sight.
Time in the blue bubble world was warped and at times stretched so thin it wavered and threatened to collapse, but no interference was warranted. Like a spinning top, whose wobble self-corrects, it always seemed to render back to some stability. Many discussions were carried outside the net to be dissected and worked over, as wizards are accustomed to. Chew it up and spit it out and see if we can mold it to our satisfaction, they would say. The real concern, as it had been since the blue bubble was created, is that if the structure were to collapse, would the strangely warped and twisted time within, leak out? Would this contaminate everything in the Cosmos?
Our brothers should have never constructed it. It vexes me.
It has not been done because the crisis has not been reached.
I say to you, if we wait for the crisis, it will surely be too late.
And so it went, comment and counter comment in detailed discussions about destroying that which cannot be destroyed. Oh, each wizard knew they had the power to disrupt the delicate fabric of the bubble. Each knew that to do so was to risk everything beyond imagination, and they had lots of that.
Do you think they will discover their so-called God Key?
I suppose if they do, we won’t have to speculate anymore about what to do with the Blue Bubble.

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