My First Poem

In honor of World Poetry Day let me take you way back in time, to when you wrote your first poem.

My First Poem Image

My First Poem

Now class! Describe for me a flower, in poetry or prose.
A flower? Thought I, as I scratched my head and wrinkled up my nose.
I want to write of games of tag, or baseball I suppose.
I want to write of slimy frogs and slimy frog like toes.
I want to write of dragon’s fire and damsels full of woes!
A flower? What can be said of flowers hasn’t already been told?

A flurry of scratching my ears do hear, of pens to paper from the rear
And scratch scratch scratching on their paper is all that I can hear.
And blank and white my book will remain; now this is what I fear.
And then a small clear bead of sweat goes trickling by my ear.
I remembered then my gift of flowers that my mother held so dear.
That drop of water on my cheek like her single heartfelt tear.

“A rose is cald a rose cause that’s the culur that you sea.
It shud be cald a love cause that is surlie what will bee.”

And that is what was handed in that faithful gloomy day
I tried to write some more but that was all I had to say

When class was over teacher came to see if I could stay
She probably thought I was making fun and now I’d have to pay
She said my poem was something that had really made her day
And then she smiled a teary smile and sent me on my way.


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