Lockie’s Blog Tour 2015 Ends

And so today, September 26 2015 marks the end of my Blog Tour. I had such a great time on everyone’s blog as guest Author, and I enjoyed everyone’s hospitality, so please take a moment and bookmark these excellent Blog sites. They are sure to keep you entertained in the future. Special thanks to:

Scott Butcher at Scottie’s Books.   http://www.scottiesbooks.com/blog

Ky’la Sims at Author KMJ: Book Reveals.    http://kmjbookreveals.blogspot.ca

L.J.Ivers at her site.     http://ljivers.co

J.M.Lavallee at   http://jmlavallee.blogspot.ca

Jennifer Bogart at   http://jenniferbogart-author.blogspot.ca

Priya Prithviraj at her Blog.   https://priyaprithviraj.wordpress.com

I had such a fun time traveling from the United States, to several places in Canada and even managed to get over to the south of India for a visit to a Blog site. Thank you so very much to the people who have been following and now here is the answer to the secret puzzle.

Puzzle answer key


Now what am I forgetting?

OH yeah! The winner of our ‘no purchase necessary’ prize package giveaway through Rafflecopter will be announced tomorrow. That’s right, folks. There is still lots of time left to enter for some cool prizes. Just click on the link, and enter for a chance to win. It’s that easy.

http://a Rafflecopter giveaway



rafflecopter 2

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