Blood Moon Eclipse

Blood Moon P.J.GergelyLast night I witnessed something I may never see again in my lifetime. I’ve watched lunar eclipses before, but I had never seen a blood moon, and last night I was treated to both. I must say, after watching this amazing event for nearly four hours, it was close to a spiritual experience for me. I have never felt so close to nature, as I did when the last of the earth’s shadow was gobbled by that sliver of white light, and the moon was once again restored to her full glory.

I was so moved, that I composed the following poem. It’s what writers do I suppose, and I hope you like it.

Blood Moon Eclipse

Oh Blood Moon
I’ve been watching you
Just beyond the black
In the ink sky
Maple tree silhouette
Cookie cutter cutout
Just to the left of your brilliance.

Oh I saw my shadow
Run across your white skin
Making you blush
Feeling the rush
You have turned
Into the Blood Moon.

And now your rosy hue
For a time is in my view
We’ll see you hence
In centuries whence
We will meet again.

But for now
White sliver
You must reclaim the moon
Eat her up
And when the last bite is had
Your brilliance will shine again.


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Photo courtesy P.J.Gergely

To view more of P.J’s excellent photography, please stop by at this link
Photography by P.J.Gergely

2 thoughts on “Blood Moon Eclipse

  1. Ah, that’s a beautiful poem, Lockie. I wish I’d been able to see the eclipse, but we’ve had non-stop rain for the last four days. Six inches today alone.

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