Can I Have Some Catch-up?

Sure. Here you go. It’s seems like ages since I have written anything in here, and I do apologize to my subscribers, but let me tell you my excuse, and then you can stone me, okay? I’ve been going to the gym for the last two months or so in an effort to lose the weight I gained while flat on my back in hospital for three months back in 2013. Because my mobility was such that I couldn’t run…heck I could barely walk, I just wasn’t getting that glow on that you need to lose weight. I’m talking about good old fashioned sweat folks, but it just wasn’t happening at a slow walk. I found a great gym in town that catered especially and exclusively to disabled or handicapped clientele. It was perfect because, not having mastered my artificial leg yet, I just couldn’t keep my darn foot on a normal stationary bike. This place has a bike that you can strap both feet into the pedals. Perfect. I was very excited to see improvement right away in both my weight, and in regaining some of the muscle I had lost. I was also doing low impact weight exercises for my upper body. The pulley system was much easier than the old school steel dumbbells I remembered from my youth. Two times a week I’d visit the gym while my wife was running errands and getting groceries. It was working out quite well for a few weeks, but she was getting anxious to get back to work. Looking after me had been a full time job, with doctor’s appointments and rehabilitation. I was now able to look after my own needs more and more each day. Of course my transportation to the gym was now going to be an issue. I started looking at automatic cars, and thought it might be about five-hundred to one-thousand dollars extra to convert said beater to hand controls so I could drive it. While I was hunting down cars in the want ads and online, I was also trying to figure out how I was going to get the car, get it fitted, and registered all from home. It was a puzzling conundrum. That’s when I saw this little beauty. Zuma XA plan started to form in my writer’s brain. This fully automatic little gem had brakes and a throttle, and I didn’t have to shift, which was why I couldn’t go for a regular bike. What if I purchase the scooter brand new off the floor for about half what I will spend on a tricked out automatic beater? And what if I drive this little gas sipper all summer to the gym to strengthen my good leg so I can drive an automatic without hand controls? I could then purchase a regular car in the wintertime. The bonus is I can still use the bike next summer. The plan sounded perfect, and so it was that I asked a friend to take me to town to check out this bike I found online. Last year’s model, and a very good price. I had made the financial arrangements previously just in case I ended up purchasing the scooter. You know, when you have to do something, you just do it. I had never driven a motorized bike in my life before that day. This scooter is only 50cc, which means the size of the engine is small enough I didn’t need a motorcycle license, and my driver’s license was okay…in this province. Not so much in our neighboring province of Nova Scotia. I very cautiously drove that cool bike about twenty or so kilometers back home to my place, with my registration, insurance, and neat little helmet all taken care of. Well folks my plan lasted about a week and a half. I was thrilled to be able to get into town and back on my own, and do what ever I wanted to do. The freedom was exhilarating, but in my last session at the gym I must have pulled a muscle in my lower-back, because the next day I could hardly walk. Yes, isn’t it ironic that now I can’t even drive my bike two kilometers down the road to my physiotherapist, so I can fix my back, so I can get back on and ride my bike so I can get back to the gym. Oh my word, but doesn’t life like to tussle your hair once in a while? That is my excuse, dear reader. It is difficult to type for very long, and so of course my muse has decided now is a good time to crank up the imagination. The cruel little SOB is forcing me to write this thing now. Well, at least I can thank him for that. I enjoyed our little chat, and that’s what has been going on. I will continue to get to physio, because they are doing an excellent job fixing me up, and I will get back to the gym. I’ve come too far now to stop. As always thank you so much for stopping by, and reading my thoughts and musings. (Oh you are shameless…you had to get a plug in for yourself at the last minute didn’t you! Go back to sleep. We’ll write some more tomorrow.)

6 thoughts on “Can I Have Some Catch-up?

  1. I guess life really is what happens while are waiting for the map to the hidden treasures be delivered.
    Good stuff Lockie. I have had my ambulance rides. The lower back is a real “unpredictable” bit of work….
    Anti imflami-TORY’s with pain meds saved me. I only take them when I need them or am going to wrestle with the Mammoth.

    • Thanks for the comment, George. I am trying to stay off the meds, because I just got off a whack of pills. I have a pharmacy here if I wanted to take them. It’s like any injury or broken bone, it just takes time to heal.

  2. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Lockie – recovery can be such a long road… :-/

    This morning on the way to work, I saw 4 crunched cars lined up not 200 yards from where my accident was 4 years ago. It got me thinking about how long the road has been, and feeling grateful for every day off of pain meds.
    Good luck, stay hopeful, heal well.

    • Well thank you so much, Robin. Yes recovery can take a long time for some things. My back will get better, and I’ll drive the bike again, and I’ll get back to the gym too, someday. It is just a matter of time. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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