Spring Has Sprung Almost

Spring almostSpring has sprung for most everyone in North America. Here in New Brunswick, Canada…not so much. Yes there is still a good two feet of snow on my lawn, but the air is warmer. People everywhere here are exclaiming, “Yes! It’s above zero today.” The birds, returning from further south are madly searching for seed in a sea of white, and thoughtful citizens are making sure their feathered visitors are getting fed.

In other parts of Canada, the fir trees and evergreens are shedding their pollen in a gentle blanket of yellow. Folks are having barbecues, lawns have been mowed, and the short sleeved shirts and shorts are taken from drawers where they have been asleep all winter long, waiting for the sun again. In still other areas of this immense and amazing country of ours, people have the look of concern and worry on their faces. The spring flood season is here, and this year could break records. That is not the kind of record wanted by sun browned, cracked face farmers, wondering about the future of their cash crop.

But having snow into April (and May?) is not all bad. Just ask anyone who owns skis, a toboggan or snow machine. What is better that hurling down a snowy slope in a light jacket instead of the forty pound parka laying in a heap on the floor of your closet. It landed there the first week the temperatures were steady and never went below freezing. I can imagine guys everywhere all over town polishing up their bikes, checking oil and plugs, and cranking her over just once. I expect to see them taking their first freedom ride of the year very shortly. Most will freeze their first trip out, but would never admit it.

And the time for that very special season, which morphs into a year long event for some people. I’m talking about the never boring, always beckoning, and sometimes accident causing event we all know too well. The yard sale. Obviously another confusing English word for an event that has nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with getting rid of junk, and making money off it. In the UK and in other European countries, folks take their junk in the trunk of their car (the Boot, for you Brits) to a local mall and do their selling there. Apparently they have a lot fewer accidents this way. Gees, do you think? Yes, I am rolling my eyes, because I have nearly been rear ended several times when people decide to put balloons and a sign on their lawn, and invite people to drop in. The fact that their ‘customers’ are leaving their cars on the side of a busy highway is of no consequence during yard sale season. The driving public will just have to watch out, but please, do drop in. Wherever you are, I wish you well.

Thank you for dropping by, listening to my rants, and if I put a smile on your face, please pass it on to the next person.

5 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung Almost

  1. That was great, Lockie. It reminds me of my daughter in Chicago telling me people there change to their cooler clothes at the first hint of spring. Even if the temperatures drop again, they refuse to give in and go back to winter clothes. I also want to tell you I nominated you for the TOUR THROUGH BLOGLAND award. The information is on my blog. It’s also on Seumas’ as he nominated me. ๐Ÿ™‚ — Suzanne

  2. Happy Spring Lockie! It is kind of like being released from a long winter’s sleep to find everything in full bloom! Isn’t nature wonderful! I love the picture of the crocus in the snow!! Coming out of hibernation here too ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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