My View of The Creek

Very special place indeed.

The Linden Chronicles

My View of the Creek by Patrick Jones author The Wolf's Moon, The Linden Chronicles Book 1

We have a room  on the south side of the house we call, “The Sun Room”.

During the day, there is plenty of sunlight filtering through the four picture windows,  I do most of my writing in this place.

The thing I most like about writing here is that during those short periods that I go blank, there is a creek that runs the length of my property.

In the morning the sun lends her light, ever so softly at first, waking the birds.

I watch the red flashes of cardinals flying from their nests looking to feed.  The bluejays are not far behind.


The warming rays motivate the squirrels from high in the trees to the ground searching for food.


Soon woodland creatures are all moving looking for that tasty morsel.

One day as I sat at the keyboard working on a short story (which is taking on the…

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3 thoughts on “My View of The Creek

  1. Your wife is quite the photographer, Lockie. What a wonderful description of your view. I remember beautiful creeks like that in Philadelphia, where I lived most of my life. Those rushing waters in the creeks would freeze in the harsh Winters. One of my fondest memories was ice-skating the length of those creeks all day long.
    But no less beautiful is the view from my windows today. As I pause in my writing, I look past a few palm trees swaying in the breeze, to see the blue/green ocean with its rolling waves. In fact, my best ideas come in those moments when I am lost in the waves.
    Happy writing my friend. 😃

    • Actually, that is not my creek, Marybeth. That was a post I re-Blogged for my Author Friend Patrick Jones, Author of The Wolf’s Moon. As always Thank you for visiting my Blog, and reading.

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