The Dark Path

As sometimes happens after a wonderful trip to an exotic place, we start thinking about the special things we’ve seen there. One night I was remembering that the South Africans called a paved road a tar road. And then I wondered about what the animals thought about this strange dark path, and the funny looking animals that traveled it, with their eyes shining. What would we be like from their point of view.



The Dark Path




The morning broke, like most days do.

With sun splashed brilliance, on morning dew.

On waking up I smelled the grass.

I smelled the earth warmed sunlight’s cast.


And cautiously I ventured out.

With starch straight ears and twitching snout.

Beyond the tall grass, the bush and tree,

Wherever my legs did carry me.


I ventured past my normal ground.

Past water hole, looked all around.

This place was strange and new to me,

And strange new things are what I see.


A dark path, void of plant or grass.

The sun’s heat seems to stick, to last.

This path is not of mother land.

Not made of dirt. Not made of sand..


And these strange creatures on this path

Don’t seem to stay. Don’t seem to last.

They come along the path so slow,

With eyes so big, sometimes a glow.


I do not like this path of dark.

Black ribbon running through my park.

And back I’ll go to grass and tree.

Dark path has seen the last of me.

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