Happy New Year 2015


It’s hard to believe that another year has slipped by while we were chin deep in our lives. It seems we were just getting the hang of warm summer days, lounging in the shade sipping cool drinks, and along came the cold wind. Out of the deep blue sky it blustered and bulldozed it’s way in, elbows swinging for summer to get out of the way. The cold air turned the sap in the leaves into retreating armies of tree blood, racing for the warmth and comfort of the trunk, for now it was their time for sleep.

Mornings grew darker, as we struggled and fought our circadian rhythm to “please just let me wake up.” School lunches bagged, tonight’s meal in the slow cooker for the day, and your motor revving up to fastest and out the door into the morning night. What light there is, a grey depressing glimpse out an office window on your way to another never ending meeting. Days end, and again exhaustion wrapped around you like a blanket as you shiver in your defrosting carsicle watching street lights come on as they mock your summer memories of long sun filled evenings.

An announcement on the radio reminded you that there are only ten days left before Christmas, which sends you into a slight hyperventilating panic as you realize you have not started shopping yet. Some how you dug deep, found another gear faster than fastest, and you have done it. Christmas day wrapping, smiles and turkey stuffed bellies just a fading memory as you recall last night’s countdown to the end of another year.

What will you do this year to change? The New Year resolution is, after all, a promise of sorts to change your life for the better, to improve your overall state. We make those promises every year to quit smoking; stop spending; lose weight; be more friendly; and every year we set our goals to unreachable heights, and we end up being disappointed for breaking our New Years resolution. How about if I resolve to try and maintain where I am and not slip backward? If I have room at the end of the day I’ll go for the improvement. Well, that is okay, as far as I’m concerned, to maintain and not slip back. That’s okay…for a little while. You see, if there is no change there is stagnation. So as much as we don’t want to try that new way to accomplish a task, we owe it to ourselves to do it anyway, at least once.

This year I’m going to try to slow the passage of time. I’m pretty sure 2015 will fly by just like the last one did, and my expectations will once again be smashed to bits, but this time I’m ready. I won’t let myself be disappointed if I can’t actually slow the passage of time. If I fail to meet this resolution I’m going to just shrug my shoulders and smile. Unless I actually do slow the passage of time. In that case there is going to be the longest weekend party ever!

Happy New Year everyone. Please be nice to one another. Smiles are cheap and the happiness they bring is priceless.


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