Our Fallen Heroes

On June 4th 2014 my city of Moncton , New Brunswick, Canada, was changed forever. In a normally quiet neighborhood in the city’s North End, time stood still for a while, and chaos took over. The lives of three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were taken in an ambush style assault that would, in the coming days, bind the people of Moncton, and indeed an entire country, together in a somber salute to these brave men.

Heartfelt condolences poured out to the families of the fallen, from all of North America, and even Europe and beyond. It seemed this evil episode had touched the hearts of everyone, young and old.  It is now more than a week since time stood still for a while, then slowly wound back up to a normal pace, but for the people of my city, it is as if this happened so very long ago.

As everyone tries to get on with lives that were held in limbo, and are slowly getting back on track, the healing process has begun. We will always remember that day, but for most, the memories will fade and the incident will not be central to their core as it was just a few short days ago. As this weekend rolls on, we will celebrate our fathers. Children will make crayon cards for their dads, and Dads will think about how lucky they are, and life will go on.

However, for the children of the fathers that were taken that day, this weekend will forever be a sad occasion. For them, future Father’s Days will be marred by an insanity they may never understand. Some will heal in their sorrow, perhaps when they become fathers in their own right, but they will never forget.

Constable Fabrice Georges Gevaudan

Constable Douglas James Larche

Constable Dave Ross

Thank you for your sacrifice. You will always be remembered.


6 thoughts on “Our Fallen Heroes

  1. Congratulations on an excellent piece Lockie. We all WILL heal at our own pace and carry on with our lives but… we will NEVER forget.

  2. well said Lockie, a very sad time for all of NB, as well as Canada-=we need to remember these young men for always and always, and hope and pray something positive will come from this tragedy, like respect, understanding and love for the ones who protect us and our loved ones while we sleep, work and play.

    • I agree Darlene. For some reason there are a lot of folks in this city on the wrong side of the law, and they have no love for the RCMP. We need to educate our children that Police are not to be feared. I think we as a city also got to see that the police are people after all, and they have lives outside of work that are not any different than our own.

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