Valentine’s Day


Another Valentine’s Day has arrived amid the wet, slushy and later freezing middle of February. I sit here typing, my 55 year old fingers slower than they have ever been. My dear wife with over 30 years of marriage under her belt has her own corner of the internet. Ah the internet! That vast unseen dominion of which the world shares, but in the privacy of our own space seems so private, so very much our own secret little hiding place among millions of others.

Oh don’t get me wrong. Just because we were once high school sweethearts, now both with wrinkled mirrors on the wall revealing their true reflections; that doesn’t mean we have lost our love for one another. Just because we share different rooms in our daytime leisure, well deserved leisure; that doesn’t mean we have lost the passion.

My heart still burns for my dear sweetheart, as does hers for me I’m sure. Even now with aged and crippled bones, we still share the burning heat of desire, and the tearful joys of each other, just to touch, to hold dearly against slowly beating heart. In fact, if anything, our love is stronger, tougher in some ways as to fend off such youthful tendencies of lust or jealousy of another. Those were the fleeting glances of slightly bared breast of my youth, accompanied with a sharp rib jab and a cold stare. Or of her youthful, faint smile, noticed by me as some strange man passed us both, tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination.

How can that youthful love last so long, you ask? The answer is not as simple as you may think. All I can say for sure is that her glance towards my way can still light up my heart, and cause that tightened lump in an old throat. Perhaps old arguments did as much to toughen our souls and to harden our love, like an ancient oak, with healed bark where broken branch once was. The branch, like the argument, had fallen by the wayside, long ago forgotten, but that mighty oak tree, like our love, grew stronger and taller.

What advice to young and tender lovers, on this my 55th Valentine’s Day? Be watchful of your mate. Listen to their dreams and strive to make them so. Don’t take them for granted. That casual kiss in the morning after rushed toast and coffee, as you run out the door to something that is not that important, may be your last. Love, like life, can be fleeting if we take it for granted, as if it will always be there, like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night. Love like life can be snatched away in a heartbeat. It must be nurtured and cuddled and grown with tender care. Do these things, and perhaps love will always be there.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. You have such a way with words my dear cousin. Happy Valentines Day to you and Trish. We should all be so lucky in love as you two are. xoxoxo

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